Members Gathers at Noon, God Bless America was Sung, the Pledge was Recited, there was a short prayer.

Nick called the meeting to order and introduced the invited guests for the day: Ed Kaminski - speaking on the Rotary Youth Exchange program, and Jana Miseta - speaking on the AHS Reality Store.

Coming up next Wednesday, April 18, Rotary will be tackling its section of  "Adopted Highway" meeting at 4:00p.m. at Peppino's.  Carlo will drive participants to the site.  Interact is invited to join us.

The Rotary/AACC Networking event is slated for May 9th, at Peppino's, beginning at 5:30p.m. and going for 1.5 hours.  Ideas were presented for the night - members should bring guests, invite students nominated for Life Leadership Camp, invite back previous LLC participants, show pictures of Rotary Events, have Rotary materials available.  Carlo will have the media equipment in place.

Life Leadership Camp was next on the agenda.  No applications are received yet (that we knew of), but deadline is now or early next week.  Interviews need to be scheduled.  A preliminary meeting of the committee is set for Friday, Apr 20 (Alan, Amanda, Connie & Rob with Jason Fogel), Amanda will call Jason to work out details of time and place and let committee know.

Nick invited nominations for "Allendale Rotary Hero" and passed around an information sheet on it.  People nominating someone should contact Nick directly. 

Jana Miseta spoke about the the Allendale High School Reality store.  She handed out information sheets, discussed the concept and some of the details, and invited participation by members.

Ed Kaminski presented details on the Rotary Youth Exchange program with slides.  The program includes both a sending and receiving components with HS students benefiting greatly from the exchange whether going abroad or coming into the the US/Canada.  He encouraged Allendale Rotary's participation, and mentioned one club that needed another club (like ours) to provide a host family.  Our club will look into that and further discuss the possibility.

Raffle and fines were accomplished.

The 4-way test was completed and meeting adjourned.

Present were: Nick, Steve, Dan J., Pete, Fr. Brad, Alan, Tom,  Dan L., Rob, Kellen, Lindsey, Andy, Amanda, and Bart; along with guests: Ed Kaminski and Jana Miseta.