Opening Ritual: God Bless Amercia, Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer

Lindsey was chair for the meeting.

Bicycle Ride.  Discussion of the Bicycle ride led the meeting.  Questions were raised about the duties and date.  Bart spoke of Bicycle event at GV, and spoke of the Bicycling Club, will make contact for Rotary.  Group needs to have Dan L. meet with the committee (was not present for this discussion), to accomplish the "Ride" we probably need to have action committee together and functioning by mid February.

Spaghetti Dinner.  A follow-up discussion on the Amazing Reading Bus Spaghetti Dinner commenced.  The dinner was a succeful event, but the snow kept many away, and a regular Friday basketball game does not seem to be the draw we hoped.  Dan J. suggested possibly looking at a basketball game when honoring junior achievers might draw moe people.  LIndsey gave a preliminary financial report, printed report to follow next week.  Mary Lynne led us through a processing of post event details to pass on for next year.  Many details were discussed and will be consolidated and finalized soon.  Discussion of future venue (elementary school, like year 1), timing in year, having Interact do more with "living signs" are part of the ongoing conversation.

Thank you's will be written to the contributing sponsors by Alan (as secretary) on behalf of Rotary.  Individual members should send Thank You's to donors of other prizes and giveaways.  Brad has been playing with an Allendale Logo (sample attached).  Elicia will look at prices for having notecards or stationary made.  LIndsey gave approval for purchase.

Lindsey reported District Governor Jane Millard had asked us if we would be contributing to the Polio fund.  Carlo motioned, Bart seconded and the membership approved a $500 contribution.

Kellen brought up Boulevard Days and interest in the softball tournament.  Will follow-up, but won't be present very much in August.  Rob will help (?) Kellen in talking to Chamber.

Pete brought up Polo shirts for the club - mentioned bringing samples in the past.  Will be bring in sample, and we'll look at local vendors for creation.

 Meeting adjourned slightly early.

Present: Alan, Kellen, Pete, Candy, Elicia, Amanda, Rob, Brad, Bart, Dan J., Dan R., Carlo, Lindsey, Steve, Mary Lynne, Dan L.


Respectfully submitted,  Fr. Brad