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Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Aug 28, 2013

Tammy Walker spoke about the upcoming Back to School Fair and Hi-Neighbor.  The Back to School Fair draws well over 1,000 people to the park each year and is teamed up with Safety Night where kids can meet local police officers.  Rotary will have a table at the fair.  If anyone is interested in manning the table, let me know. Hi-Neighbor welcomes new residents with packets of info, coupons to local businesses, etc. and Tammy handles delivering those to the houses.  If you want your business or non-profit's info included in that, I can get you Tammy's contact info.

 Following the regular meeting, the Membership and Public Relations Committees met to discuss some strategies for attracting some new members as well as making the public aware of what we do.  One of the things we will be doing is coming up with some promotional materials (thank you Candy!).  We will also be dedicating a few minutes of each meeting to discussing potential new members so we are asking each member to make a list of people they know that might be interested in joining Rotary.  From there we will work on getting materials to you that you can drop off to them to get them thinking about joining.  So please bring your lists to the August 7 meeting:) 

Thank you everyone who was able to make it today.  It is not always easy to find that hour (or two in the case of those at the committee meeting) on a Wednesday.  Next week's meeting with start with lunch at noon at the Kirkoff center (parking is available in Lot H) and then a tour of the library at 12:30

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Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Aug 28, 2013

Our first field trip.  We had a nice lunch and interesting tour of the Engine House no. 5 museum.  Hopefully everyone learned something new today (I for one did not know that a large area of Michigan including Holland was wiped out by a fire the same night as the Great Chicago Fire).  

Reminders:  Next week we will be joined by Tammy Walker who organizes the Back to School Fair each year.  Also, following next week's meeting will be a joint meeting of the Membership and Public Relations Committees.  If you are not on the committee but would like to join us, please do. Since I forgot to pass out the public relations info, please visit this link to learn more about what other clubs do to get the word out: 
July 17, 2013 Meeting Field Trip to Engine House No.5 Museum Brad Schoeberle 2013-08-28 11:27:21Z 0
Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Aug 18, 2013

Meeting was Called to Order in the customary way.

Present: Dan Jonker, Aaron Haight, Dan Lemmen, Carlo DiLeonardo, Pete Bolthouse, Brad Schoeberle, Rob Bristow

also present: Steve Mayers, Tom Smith

Guest & Speaker for the day: Alan Headbloom from Headbloom Cross-Cultural Communications

Aaron gave an updated report on the Rotary Raffle

Rob reported the new committees, membership and publicity will be working together and do a joint meeting.

The AACC (Chamber) will be holding a networking event July 25 at 4:30p.m.

The ABC Coalition (sponsoring Back to School Fair in Allendale) made a request for additional funding. Rotary approved a donation for $300 on a unanimous vote.

Other Announcements: Rob spoke of the  upcoming movie nights in the park and handed out a little flier. Fr. Brad spoke of St. Luke's upcoming comedy show, Saints and Sinners for October 18/19. Tickets available soon.

Alan Headbloom was introduced and gave a presentation on their new television show promoting cross cultural communication by using the experience of local business leaders and their experience of being immigrants in Michigan. The show seeks understanding on the parts of those who are new and residents and works to break down barriers and prejudices.  His TV talk show is called "Feel Like You Belong" which will also be available online at  Please visit his website for more info.

The meeting concluded in the usual way.

Next meeting at Engine House 5


July 10, 2013 Meeting Brad Schoeberle 2013-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on Dec 17, 2012
Nick Grinzinger, President of the Allendale Rotary Club, accepted the Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce 2012 Community Service & Involvement Award on behalf of the Club.  The award presentation was made at the Quarterly Luncheon of the Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Rotary Club was cited for its work in raising funds for the Amazing Reading Bus, the Allendale Splash Pad, and an Allendale Scholarship Fund.  It was also recognized for its service with Michigan Blood Center, Adopt-a-Highway, and for fostering youth servant leadership through the Interact and Rotaract clubs it supports.  Congratulations to all Rotarians for this honor.
Allendale Rotary Club receives Community Service & Involvement Award Daniel Jonker 2012-12-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Apr 10, 2012

 Members Gathers at Noon, God Bless America was Sung, the Pledge was Recited, there was a short prayer.

Nick called the meeting to order and introduced the invited guests for the day: Ed Kaminski - speaking on the Rotary Youth Exchange program, and Jana Miseta - speaking on the AHS Reality Store.

Coming up next Wednesday, April 18, Rotary will be tackling its section of  "Adopted Highway" meeting at 4:00p.m. at Peppino's.  Carlo will drive participants to the site.  Interact is invited to join us.

The Rotary/AACC Networking event is slated for May 9th, at Peppino's, beginning at 5:30p.m. and going for 1.5 hours.  Ideas were presented for the night - members should bring guests, invite students nominated for Life Leadership Camp, invite back previous LLC participants, show pictures of Rotary Events, have Rotary materials available.  Carlo will have the media equipment in place.

Life Leadership Camp was next on the agenda.  No applications are received yet (that we knew of), but deadline is now or early next week.  Interviews need to be scheduled.  A preliminary meeting of the committee is set for Friday, Apr 20 (Alan, Amanda, Connie & Rob with Jason Fogel), Amanda will call Jason to work out details of time and place and let committee know.

Nick invited nominations for "Allendale Rotary Hero" and passed around an information sheet on it.  People nominating someone should contact Nick directly. 

Jana Miseta spoke about the the Allendale High School Reality store.  She handed out information sheets, discussed the concept and some of the details, and invited participation by members.

Ed Kaminski presented details on the Rotary Youth Exchange program with slides.  The program includes both a sending and receiving components with HS students benefiting greatly from the exchange whether going abroad or coming into the the US/Canada.  He encouraged Allendale Rotary's participation, and mentioned one club that needed another club (like ours) to provide a host family.  Our club will look into that and further discuss the possibility.

Raffle and fines were accomplished.

The 4-way test was completed and meeting adjourned.

Present were: Nick, Steve, Dan J., Pete, Fr. Brad, Alan, Tom,  Dan L., Rob, Kellen, Lindsey, Andy, Amanda, and Bart; along with guests: Ed Kaminski and Jana Miseta.

April 11, 2012 Regular Meeting Notes Brad Schoeberle 2012-04-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Feb 07, 2012

Lindsey gathered everyone.  The usual ritual began the meeting.

Today's special guest was Aaron Johnson, chef from Grand Valley, who presented to the group and fielded questions on the topic of autism.  Aaron presented to us from a bases of raising a child with autism and shared with us both personal experience and research on the disorders.  Today autism fits into a newer category called "autism spectrum disorders (ASD)" which as the title suggests has a broad range of abilities and conditions associated with it.

A working set of notes, and brochure were handed out about autism.

Alan won the 50/50, but no ace was drawn.

Present today: Alan, Pete, Steve, Carlo, Rob, Brad, Dan J., Dan L., and Lindsey


The Bicyle Race committee did not meet afterwards.  Dan will contact members about a meeting, possibly Friday.

February 8, 2012 Regular Meeting Notes Brad Schoeberle 2012-02-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Feb 06, 2012

Nick called the Allendale Rotary together, the beginning ritual was observed.

Rob Bristo was officially Inducted into the Allendale Rotary Club.  Congratulations Rob!

Our Guest Speaker, Pamela DeJong with Coopersville/Allendale College Access Network, joined us for the meeting.

Spaghetti Dinner - Mary Lynne's notes on the 3rd annual spaghetti dinner were distributed.  Weather seemed a significant factor in decreased attendance.  It was wondered whether Friday was a good night, some famlies observe Friday as a family night.  Perhaps moving back to the Elementary Schools since that is the target of the Amazing Reading Bus?  Continue to garner support from local businesses.  During the dinner, have program/timeline for drawings.  There was a question of whether Mary Lynne did most of this by herself - the group answered this was not so.  Sponsorship was an importan source of revenue this year.  It was still a great event, but attendance was low.  Miss GVSU was a big success - continue in future.  Amanda will be posting picture to the Rotary Facebook page.

Pam DeJong then spoke.  The College Access Networks are community based and designed to help those without college or post-secondary degrees of any type to garner the added knowledge they need to be productive citizens.  Handouts were given.  For more information go to: KnowHow2GOMichigan at

Pete gave an update on Rotary Polo Shirts.  3 Samples were available for all to look at after the meeting.

Dan J. Announced the Allendale School Foundation Golf outing on May 18 at The Meadows.  Flyer on the Allendale Community Foundation was also distributed.

Nick followed up that there was an Allendale Athletic Boosters Dinner coming up on March 10th at the Main Street Pub.


Present at the meeting: Nick, Bart, Brad, Carlo, Rob, Amanda, Steve, Kellen, Pete, Dan J., Alan, Dan L.

February 1, 2012 Regular Meeting Notes Brad Schoeberle 2012-02-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brad Schoeberle on Jan 25, 2012

Opening Ritual: God Bless Amercia, Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer

Lindsey was chair for the meeting.

Bicycle Ride.  Discussion of the Bicycle ride led the meeting.  Questions were raised about the duties and date.  Bart spoke of Bicycle event at GV, and spoke of the Bicycling Club, will make contact for Rotary.  Group needs to have Dan L. meet with the committee (was not present for this discussion), to accomplish the "Ride" we probably need to have action committee together and functioning by mid February.

Spaghetti Dinner.  A follow-up discussion on the Amazing Reading Bus Spaghetti Dinner commenced.  The dinner was a succeful event, but the snow kept many away, and a regular Friday basketball game does not seem to be the draw we hoped.  Dan J. suggested possibly looking at a basketball game when honoring junior achievers might draw moe people.  LIndsey gave a preliminary financial report, printed report to follow next week.  Mary Lynne led us through a processing of post event details to pass on for next year.  Many details were discussed and will be consolidated and finalized soon.  Discussion of future venue (elementary school, like year 1), timing in year, having Interact do more with "living signs" are part of the ongoing conversation.

Thank you's will be written to the contributing sponsors by Alan (as secretary) on behalf of Rotary.  Individual members should send Thank You's to donors of other prizes and giveaways.  Brad has been playing with an Allendale Logo (sample attached).  Elicia will look at prices for having notecards or stationary made.  LIndsey gave approval for purchase.

Lindsey reported District Governor Jane Millard had asked us if we would be contributing to the Polio fund.  Carlo motioned, Bart seconded and the membership approved a $500 contribution.

Kellen brought up Boulevard Days and interest in the softball tournament.  Will follow-up, but won't be present very much in August.  Rob will help (?) Kellen in talking to Chamber.

Pete brought up Polo shirts for the club - mentioned bringing samples in the past.  Will be bring in sample, and we'll look at local vendors for creation.

 Meeting adjourned slightly early.

Present: Alan, Kellen, Pete, Candy, Elicia, Amanda, Rob, Brad, Bart, Dan J., Dan R., Carlo, Lindsey, Steve, Mary Lynne, Dan L.


Respectfully submitted,  Fr. Brad

January 25, 2012 Regular Meeting Notes Brad Schoeberle 2012-01-25 15:11:43Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on Jul 21, 2011
Lindsey Briones chaired the regular meeting.  Members approved the June invoice for Peppino's of $203 and the Rotary International Dues for July to December of 2011 of $412.07.  Kellan Brusveen gave an update that the Softball Tournament for Allendale Boulevard Days has been cancelled by the Chamber of Commerce due to the lack of business sponsorship.  A discussion occurred regarding the Halloween 5K run.  Alan Hoffman mentioned that Campus West will be hosting its annual Golf Outing on Friday, September 30 at the Meadows at GVSU.
July 20, 2011 Regular Meeting Daniel Jonker 2011-07-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on Jun 14, 2011

 President Kim Obetts opened the meeting and welcomed the District Governor Elect, Jane Millar.  President-elect, Nick Grinzinger, reminded the members of the presentation at next week's meeting by Scott Rumpsa on the AquaClara project.

District Governor Elect, Jane Millar, began her remarks by reminding the members that she had attended our Allendale club's Charter Night.  She also shared a story about Rotarians being "old men who want to be boy scouts."

Dr. Millar suggested a few ideas for increasing membership.

  • Be creative with classifications to be as inclusive as possible as a club
  • Establish a birthday month process for encouraging members to invite a prospective member during the month of the club member's birthday and to hold all club members accountable for that process
  • Go in groups of two to recruit prospective members
  • Encourage prospective members to become involved in a Rotary project as a way to bring them in to the mission and service of Rotary
Dr. Millar also gave an example of how one club has addressed the required weekly meetings and 50% attendance rules:

  • Once a month -- hold a regular breakfast or lunch meeting
  • Once a month -- do a service project as your meeting
  • Once a month -- hold the regular meeting via teleconferencing
  • Once a month -- hold a 5 PM social gathering
She encouraged members to get pumped up about attending District Conferences and workshops.  She stated that the District is working on developing webinars to facilitate training without the travel costs.  She provided a brochure and key ring advertising the District Conference in Dearborn on May 18-20 of 2012.

Dr. Millar also mentioned that the District is working on developing a database of community service projects that Rotary clubs have done.

June 15, 2011 Regular Meeting Daniel Jonker 2011-06-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on Jun 07, 2011

 President Kim Obetts chaired the meeting.  She reminded the members of the District Governor Elect's visit on June 15.  NIck Grinzinger, President-Elect, announced that there would be a presentation at the June 22 Regular Meeting by a Holland Rotarian on the AquaClara Program.

Treasurer Lindsey Briones announced that all Allendale Rotary Club Funds have now been transferred to Chemical Bank. Membership dues billing for the 3rd quarter will go out in July. 

A motion was made by Nick Grinzinger and seconded by Lindsey Briones to place $1,000 into our Allendale Community Foundation account as budgeted.  Motion carried.

President Obetts shared the email from the District Office regarding the request for every Rotarian to contribute to the Annual Programs Fund which pays for Matching Grants, World Peace Fellowships, Ambassadorial Scholarships, etc.  The request is to make contributions by the end of the month.  Please send checks to Lindsay Briones for this purpose.

Kellan Brusveen reported on the meeting with Amy Millard regarding Allendale Boulevard Days.  The event will be called the Allendale Rotary Softball Tournament sponsored by Mug Shots, etc.  The club's responsibilities will be limited to coordination on the day of the event and possibly some concession stand work.  Members agreed to support the event as a way to increase name recognition and remain involved in an annual event.

The Rotary Life Leadership Conference is inviting all Rotarians to be part of the Friday evening dinner and fellowship on June 17.

June 8, 2011 Board Meeting Daniel Jonker 2011-06-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 31, 2011

Members were reminded that June 8 is the date for the monthly board meeting.  On June 15, District Governor Elect, Jane Millar will be the featured speaker. 

Dan Jonker reported that $900 was raised and sent to the International Red Cross for Japan hunger relief after the earthquake and tsunami.  These funds were raised through the Empty Bowl Project of the Allendale High School Art Department which was co-sponsored by the Allendale Rotary Club.

Kellan Brusveen reported that a meeting is scheduled for Friday with Amy Millard of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Rotary Club's involvement in coordinating the Allendale Boulevard Days Softball Tournament.

Pete Bolthouse mentioned the Rotary event at Michigan's Adventure on July 17 to fund raise for water systems for Honduras.  This is a joint project of the Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon Rotary Clubs.


June 1, 2011 Regular Meeting Notes Daniel Jonker 2011-06-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 24, 2011

Alan Hoffman chaired the regular meeting today.  Erin Doughty, General Manager for Papa John's at GVSU, was introduced by Connie Carr.  Erin will be working to build the Rotaract presence at GVSU this fall.

Dan Jonker will contact Yu Sun Morren regarding Leprino's Curds and Whey 5K Run.

The committee chairing the Allendale Boulevard Days Softball Tournament (Kellan Brusveen, Alan Hoffman, and Dan Remenap) will attempt to get a meeting with Amy Millard of the Chamber of Commerce to finalize details regarding sponsorships, workers, and proceeds of the event.  The tournament is tentatively planned for Saturday, August 20.

Carlo Di Leonardo mentioned that nothing has been planned as yet for the Fall VIP Dinner event.  We need to establish a target date.

Pete Bolthouse has asked Coopersville and Allendale High Schools to provide the names of those graduates who will be attending GVSU this fall to invite them to be a part of Rotaract.  The Campus Life event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 6.

May 25, 2011 Regular Meeting Notes Daniel Jonker 2011-05-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 18, 2011

Kim Obetts, Club President, welcomed John Veldt, All-State Insurance Agent, to the meeting as a guest.  

Kim read an email from Kathy Hegedus on "The Power of One."  Nick Grinzinger volunteered to write a couple of short articles related to our support of the Amazing Reading Bus (humanity), and the AHS Art Program's "Empty Bowl" project (hunger).

Kim also mentioned a 4th of July sponsorship request from Jerry Alkema of Allendale Township.  She reported that our fund in the Allendale Community Foundation has $985.85.  She also reminded everyone of an email announcing a Rotary Event at Michigan's Adventure on July 17.

Pete Bolthouse gave an update on the District Conference in Cadillac last weekend.

Kim reminded everyone of the golf outing on Saturday.  June 8 will be a club board meeting.  Dr. Jane Millar will be the featured speaker on June 15.

Kellan Brusveen gave an update on planning for the Rotary-sponsored Softball Tournament at Allendale Boulevard Days on Saturday, August 27.

May 18, 2011 Regular Meeting Notes Daniel Jonker 2011-05-18 14:20:56Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 18, 2011
Reports were presented by the board officers and committee chairs. Club members were asked to provide items for an "Allendale" basket to be brought by Pete to the District Conference on May 12.  Ron Erickson reminded members of the golf outing on May 21 at 9:00 AM at the Lincoln Country Club.  Five members, Dan Lemmen, Nick Grinzinger, Alan Hoffman, Father Brad Schoeberle, and Bart Merkle, volunteered to work with representatives from Grand Valley to develop an event.  Dan Jonker asked Alan Hoffman to order certificates for our Interact Club members as part of their charter celebration. Dues invoices for the second quarter were sent out.
April 27, 2011 Monthly Board Meeting Daniel Jonker 2011-05-18 07:35:24Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 18, 2011

Allendale Rotary Club welcomed Nancy Crandall, Asst. Governor of the Muskegon River Region, and Township Supervisor, Jerry Alkema, to the regularly scheduled meeting.  

Ms. Crandall spoke of the work being done in Honduras to bring water filters to that country.  Rotary is committed to installing 40,000 water filters over the next five years.  Ms. Crandall recently went to Honduras with 18 Rotarians who installed 60 water filters. She also encouraged members to attend the District Conference in Cadillac and the national conference in New Orleans.

Mr. Alkema briefed the club on the township's budget picture with state revenue sharing and the reduction in property values.  The good news is that the census is up about 7,000 from year 2000 to year 2010.  He also spoke of new business projects such as the Countryside Greenhouse move to M-45, Alsward Terrace development, and Campus Row.  The township is working to make the land use map interactive on its website.

Dan Remenap thanked those club members who participated in the high school Reality Store experience at Allendale High School the previous day.

April 20, 2011 Regular Meeting Notes Daniel Jonker 2011-05-18 07:26:09Z 0
Posted by Daniel Jonker on May 17, 2011

Dan Remenap, AHS Principal, spoke to the group.  He thanked the Rotary Club for the Interact Certificates.  He spoke about an "Empty Bowls" project (being conducted by the AHS Art Dept. on May 23) to support hunger relief in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami.  The club voted to sponsor the event with a donation of $100.  Proceeds go to the International Red Cross' efforts to address hunger relief.  Dan also mentioned that toys were donated by the school's VISTA volunteer to Rotary to be used as fund raiser prizes for our Amazing Reading Bus Spaghetti Dinner.  The toys will be stored by Carlo in a Peppino's facility. 

Kellan Brusveen suggested that Rotary sponsor a Softball Tournament during Allendale Boulevard Days to raise awareness for the club and raise funds.  Alan Hoffman and Dan Remenap will join Kellan on the steering committee to get the project organized. 

Ron Erickson reminded club members of the golf outing on May 21.

Kellan Brusveen invited members to attend the Brusveen Chiropractic Clinic Grand Opening on Friday and Saturday (See Chamber of Commerce website).

May 11, 2011 Regular Meeting Notes Daniel Jonker 2011-05-18 00:00:00Z 0



Be our guest Wednesdays at Noon at Peppino's Restaurant!

Our meetings last one hour. Lunch is served. Great opportunity to meet local citizens and business owners who serve our community.

Not Sure What Rotary Does?

Locally, the Allendale Rotary Club participates in and funds initiatives and programs focusing on education, literacy, and community improvement. Our projects include:

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Allendale Rocketry Club
The Amazing Reading Bus
Scholarships for Allendale Seniors
Rotary Life Leadership Conference
Back to School Fair & Safety Night
Allendale Splash Pad
Sponsor of Allendale Robotics Team
Sponsor of Allendale Community Field Day

Globally, Rotary International is an association of Rotary clubs worldwide. It’s made up of more than 33,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas with over 1.2 million members.  Want to learn more? Check out this brief video:

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