President Kim Obetts chaired the meeting.  She reminded the members of the District Governor Elect's visit on June 15.  NIck Grinzinger, President-Elect, announced that there would be a presentation at the June 22 Regular Meeting by a Holland Rotarian on the AquaClara Program.

Treasurer Lindsey Briones announced that all Allendale Rotary Club Funds have now been transferred to Chemical Bank. Membership dues billing for the 3rd quarter will go out in July. 

A motion was made by Nick Grinzinger and seconded by Lindsey Briones to place $1,000 into our Allendale Community Foundation account as budgeted.  Motion carried.

President Obetts shared the email from the District Office regarding the request for every Rotarian to contribute to the Annual Programs Fund which pays for Matching Grants, World Peace Fellowships, Ambassadorial Scholarships, etc.  The request is to make contributions by the end of the month.  Please send checks to Lindsay Briones for this purpose.

Kellan Brusveen reported on the meeting with Amy Millard regarding Allendale Boulevard Days.  The event will be called the Allendale Rotary Softball Tournament sponsored by Mug Shots, etc.  The club's responsibilities will be limited to coordination on the day of the event and possibly some concession stand work.  Members agreed to support the event as a way to increase name recognition and remain involved in an annual event.

The Rotary Life Leadership Conference is inviting all Rotarians to be part of the Friday evening dinner and fellowship on June 17.