President Kim Obetts opened the meeting and welcomed the District Governor Elect, Jane Millar.  President-elect, Nick Grinzinger, reminded the members of the presentation at next week's meeting by Scott Rumpsa on the AquaClara project.

District Governor Elect, Jane Millar, began her remarks by reminding the members that she had attended our Allendale club's Charter Night.  She also shared a story about Rotarians being "old men who want to be boy scouts."

Dr. Millar suggested a few ideas for increasing membership.

  • Be creative with classifications to be as inclusive as possible as a club
  • Establish a birthday month process for encouraging members to invite a prospective member during the month of the club member's birthday and to hold all club members accountable for that process
  • Go in groups of two to recruit prospective members
  • Encourage prospective members to become involved in a Rotary project as a way to bring them in to the mission and service of Rotary
Dr. Millar also gave an example of how one club has addressed the required weekly meetings and 50% attendance rules:

  • Once a month -- hold a regular breakfast or lunch meeting
  • Once a month -- do a service project as your meeting
  • Once a month -- hold the regular meeting via teleconferencing
  • Once a month -- hold a 5 PM social gathering
She encouraged members to get pumped up about attending District Conferences and workshops.  She stated that the District is working on developing webinars to facilitate training without the travel costs.  She provided a brochure and key ring advertising the District Conference in Dearborn on May 18-20 of 2012.

Dr. Millar also mentioned that the District is working on developing a database of community service projects that Rotary clubs have done.