Members were reminded that June 8 is the date for the monthly board meeting.  On June 15, District Governor Elect, Jane Millar will be the featured speaker. 

Dan Jonker reported that $900 was raised and sent to the International Red Cross for Japan hunger relief after the earthquake and tsunami.  These funds were raised through the Empty Bowl Project of the Allendale High School Art Department which was co-sponsored by the Allendale Rotary Club.

Kellan Brusveen reported that a meeting is scheduled for Friday with Amy Millard of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Rotary Club's involvement in coordinating the Allendale Boulevard Days Softball Tournament.

Pete Bolthouse mentioned the Rotary event at Michigan's Adventure on July 17 to fund raise for water systems for Honduras.  This is a joint project of the Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Muskegon Rotary Clubs.