Tammy Walker spoke about the upcoming Back to School Fair and Hi-Neighbor.  The Back to School Fair draws well over 1,000 people to the park each year and is teamed up with Safety Night where kids can meet local police officers.  Rotary will have a table at the fair.  If anyone is interested in manning the table, let me know. Hi-Neighbor welcomes new residents with packets of info, coupons to local businesses, etc. and Tammy handles delivering those to the houses.  If you want your business or non-profit's info included in that, I can get you Tammy's contact info.

 Following the regular meeting, the Membership and Public Relations Committees met to discuss some strategies for attracting some new members as well as making the public aware of what we do.  One of the things we will be doing is coming up with some promotional materials (thank you Candy!).  We will also be dedicating a few minutes of each meeting to discussing potential new members so we are asking each member to make a list of people they know that might be interested in joining Rotary.  From there we will work on getting materials to you that you can drop off to them to get them thinking about joining.  So please bring your lists to the August 7 meeting:) 

Thank you everyone who was able to make it today.  It is not always easy to find that hour (or two in the case of those at the committee meeting) on a Wednesday.  Next week's meeting with start with lunch at noon at the Kirkoff center (parking is available in Lot H) and then a tour of the library at 12:30