Meeting was Called to Order in the customary way.

Present: Dan Jonker, Aaron Haight, Dan Lemmen, Carlo DiLeonardo, Pete Bolthouse, Brad Schoeberle, Rob Bristow

also present: Steve Mayers, Tom Smith

Guest & Speaker for the day: Alan Headbloom from Headbloom Cross-Cultural Communications

Aaron gave an updated report on the Rotary Raffle

Rob reported the new committees, membership and publicity will be working together and do a joint meeting.

The AACC (Chamber) will be holding a networking event July 25 at 4:30p.m.

The ABC Coalition (sponsoring Back to School Fair in Allendale) made a request for additional funding. Rotary approved a donation for $300 on a unanimous vote.

Other Announcements: Rob spoke of the  upcoming movie nights in the park and handed out a little flier. Fr. Brad spoke of St. Luke's upcoming comedy show, Saints and Sinners for October 18/19. Tickets available soon.

Alan Headbloom was introduced and gave a presentation on their new television show promoting cross cultural communication by using the experience of local business leaders and their experience of being immigrants in Michigan. The show seeks understanding on the parts of those who are new and residents and works to break down barriers and prejudices.  His TV talk show is called "Feel Like You Belong" which will also be available online at  Please visit his website for more info.

The meeting concluded in the usual way.

Next meeting at Engine House 5