Nick called the Allendale Rotary together, the beginning ritual was observed.

Rob Bristo was officially Inducted into the Allendale Rotary Club.  Congratulations Rob!

Our Guest Speaker, Pamela DeJong with Coopersville/Allendale College Access Network, joined us for the meeting.

Spaghetti Dinner - Mary Lynne's notes on the 3rd annual spaghetti dinner were distributed.  Weather seemed a significant factor in decreased attendance.  It was wondered whether Friday was a good night, some famlies observe Friday as a family night.  Perhaps moving back to the Elementary Schools since that is the target of the Amazing Reading Bus?  Continue to garner support from local businesses.  During the dinner, have program/timeline for drawings.  There was a question of whether Mary Lynne did most of this by herself - the group answered this was not so.  Sponsorship was an importan source of revenue this year.  It was still a great event, but attendance was low.  Miss GVSU was a big success - continue in future.  Amanda will be posting picture to the Rotary Facebook page.

Pam DeJong then spoke.  The College Access Networks are community based and designed to help those without college or post-secondary degrees of any type to garner the added knowledge they need to be productive citizens.  Handouts were given.  For more information go to: KnowHow2GOMichigan at

Pete gave an update on Rotary Polo Shirts.  3 Samples were available for all to look at after the meeting.

Dan J. Announced the Allendale School Foundation Golf outing on May 18 at The Meadows.  Flyer on the Allendale Community Foundation was also distributed.

Nick followed up that there was an Allendale Athletic Boosters Dinner coming up on March 10th at the Main Street Pub.


Present at the meeting: Nick, Bart, Brad, Carlo, Rob, Amanda, Steve, Kellen, Pete, Dan J., Alan, Dan L.