Regular Wednesday Meeting of Allendale Rotary Club

God Bless America.  Pledge of Allegiance.  Prayer.

In attendance: Aaron Haight, Dan Jonker, Monica Kennedy, Lindsey Briones, Rob Bristow, Ron Merrihew, Ashley Shulte, Carlo DiLeonardo, Dan Lemmen, Brad Schoeberle, Bart Markle, Nick Grinzinger; Guests: LeAnne &

Business - Dues were discussed

Committee Updates: 

Raffle - discussion of the License, overview of Engine House contract, Volunteers discussion

A vote was proposed by Aaron Haight with regard to the State of Michigan, Michigan Lottery procedures with regard to dissolution. It was proposed, in the event of the Allendale Rotary's dissolution that remaining assets in the local Rotary Foundation would revert to the Allendale Community Foundation.  Moved by Janessa Smit, seconded my Dan Jonker and approved by a unanimous vote of the membership assembled. 

The Volunteer award for January 14 was discussed.

Holiday giving, Rotary had decided to give a donation to the St. Luke Food Pantry, donations may come as ham, or cash.

LeaAnn Tibbe, GVSU Assistant Director of Student Life spoke on the joys of Lakehood and many of the programs and offerings of student life, and some opportunities for Rotary partnering.

Reminder of Holiday Celebration next week, Wednesday at 4:30p.m.  Families welcome.

Meeting concluded with the 4 way test and all were adjourned.

Next regular meeting, December 17, and then no meeting until January 7 due to the holidays,