Rotary Club of Allendale
​PO Box 110 Allendale
​MI 49401

July 31, 2013 Meeting Field Trip to GVSU Pew Library & Information Commons


A tour of the mother of all libraries!  Carlos Rodriguez was our guide and showed us around the amazing new building.  Thankfully plenty of honest Rotarians were on hand to keep me from stealing fixtures.

If you couldn't make it today, be sure to stop in there sometime and look around; you won't be sorry...unless you get a parking ticket.  Thank you to Aaron for organizing the visit and Bart for buying us lunch. 

A few reminders:
If you are free next Monday at 11AM, stop by the Park and help at the Amazing Reading Bus Party.  Not sure what we will be doing there yet, but I'm sure it will be fun.

 I am working on adding some things to the website so if you have any info or pictures from past events you think would be good for the website, send them my way and I'll get them on there.

Please bring a list of any potential members that you can think of to the next meeting.  We are going to dedicate a little time to figure out how to reach new members.