Rotary Club of Allendale
​PO Box 110 Allendale
​MI 49401

August 7, 2013 Meeting


Meeting began in usual way. Present were:

Next week we will host district Governor Jim white. The club board will meet at 10:30a.m.

Other upcoming discussions: a Monthly Happy Hour Event, District Grant Ideas.  Rob and Brad attended the Rotary Grant seminar on August 6th in Cadillac.

For the Back to School Fair - Rob has stickers that he showed, and we're working on #2 pencils.

GVSU Tailgate Party on 9/14, let Rob know to order tickets for the game, and get $5 to Aaron who will be handling food (please bring your own drink).  Aaron and Alan will be setting up tents around 4PM so join us anytime after that.

It was reported the Reading Bus event on Monday was a good celebration. Several Rotarians in attendance.

MEMBERSHIP. Pete brought in a sample letter used by the Kentwood Club. Suggested we go to prospective members in teams  of two. August is Rotary Membership Month. Letters could be sent with Rotary Brochure. Rob has also made Rotary note cards - if anyone wants to use them.

Applications for the $3,000 donation to a local non-profit (for the May 2nd raffle event) ends this Friday.  We have a few applications but the competition aspect is more fun when there are more.  So if you know of any organizations that might be interested or could use $3,000, please encourage them to apply.

The Featured Speaker was Carlos Esquivel who spoke to us about Hello-Allendale. The website is a work in progress and is aimed at collecting everything Allendale (in a positive way) including, community events info, jobs info, restaurant reviews, articles from local experts, etc.  Check it out.  Also, he is always looking for additional contributors.